03/2019 – Anahi Enriquez
Anahi has cerebral palsy and mental retardation. The Lions Club Calvia has taken over the cost of an operation in the amount of € 2700 to 100% for nerve relief.

01/2019 – Associació Tardor

A donation of 350 € was given to the “Associació Tardor” (poor kitchen) by the Lions Calvia

05/2018 – Dreams come true – Leigh & Andres
We gave a cancerous dad (Leigh) and his son (Andres) a last trip to Disney World Paris. The father promised his son, but due to the illness he was no longer able to realize this promise himself. The plane tickets were sponsored by RYANAIR, the local care has taken over the Lions Club Lagny Val de Bussy. The cost of 800 € have borne the Lions Calvia.

04/2018 – Abraham

For Abraham urgently needed prostheses in the amount of 1125 € were purchased. These costs were borne 100% by the Lions Calvia.

02/2018 – Music Therapy Son Espases Hospital
Son Espases thank Calvia Lions Club for donating to the 8 Hospital new instruments for music therapy sessions that take place in the area of ​​Pediatrics. Budget 1.500€, 100% financed by the LIONS.

02/2018 – Fundación NEMO
For the two twins Sophia & Theresa in the Neuro-Rehabilitation Fundación NEMO 2 wheelchairs were bought. This purchase was subsidized by the Lions Calvia with 2700 €.

12/2017 – Natzaret
To delight the children at the Natzaret orphanage, Lions Calvia organized and delivered Christmas gifts.

12/2017 – Abraham
For a little boy with severe disability, a leg extension was purchased, this acquisition was subsidized by the Lions Calvia with 1125 €. Likewise, a grant of 500 € was made available for the purchase of an e-wheelchair.

08/2017 – Alejandra
A little girl had to be hospitalized for a long time due to a leukemia disease. In order to always be close to her daughter, the mother was granted a rental allowance of 3000 € by the Lions Calvia in cooperation with the Lions Palma.

07/2017 – Asociación de Voluntarios de Cuidados Paliativos
The Paliativ facility / hospice needed new terrace chairs for the patients, these were purchased new value of 1030 € and completely financed by the Lions Calvia.

05/2017 – Fundación NEMO
The Lions Calvia fully funded the construction of a 12000 € multi-sensor room. This supports the therapies of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Fundación NEMO with mentally and physically handicapped children.

04/2017 – Izan
A 4-year-old handicapped boy needed a costly therapy, the Lions Calvia have supported with 1000 €.

03/2017 – Anahi
For a 13-year-old physically handicapped girl, a running support device had to be purchased, the purchase of the device supported the Lions Calvia with 4500 €.

2017 – Hogar del Sol
For the nursing home Hogar del Sol, Lions Calvia purchased kitchen appliances worth 3750 €. These were completely funded by the Lions Calvia.

Likewise, the Lions organized Christmas gifts for the residents.

12/2016 – Ricardo
For a 7-year-old, physically handicapped boy, a special bicycle was purchased for 900 €.

This was completely funded by the Calvia Lions.